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What happens in Youth Ministry?

In our youth ministry, we seek to cultivate servant-leaders and committed followers of Jesus Christ from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds and spiritual gifts. With a strong emphasis on looking outside of one’s self (and at the same time, celebrating the individual), we encourage our youth to be agents of change as they follow the radical example of Jesus.


What age does Youth Ministry start?

Our youth program starts at 5th grade and goes through 12th grade. Our ministry is relational, and we recognize that different youth transition at different times.  We seek to be flexible with the needs of youth and families.

When and where does Youth Ministry meet?

Youth Ministry meets during worship on Sunday morning. Starting this fall season, the youth will be meeting on Sunday mornings to have a Confirmation Class. Confirmation Class guides our youth in confirming their faith commitments to Jesus and Christian doctrinal truths, but also their allegiance to the church and community.

Do you have a Youth Group that meets outside of Sundays?

Yes, The Mix youth group meets on the 1st and 3rd Friday nights from 5:30-7pm at Harbor House, 1811 11th Ave, Oakland (times may vary for group outings).

What happens at "The Mix"?

"The Mix" is a fun, engaging time for our young people to learn about the Christian faith through studying scriptures, playing music and games, doing art, fellowship with each other and serving their neighbors and families!

Can I join as a volunteer in my child's youth program?

Parents are always welcome to join their students in youth ministry, especially as they are getting familiar with a new community, age group of children, or if their parent has a unique gift or skill that can bless the youth ministry at large. At the same time, we recognize that at times youth need their own space.  We seek to both honor parental interest and authority while encouraging youth autonomy.

My child has special needs.  Who can I talk to about the support that they need?

Please do not hesitate to contact our pastoral staff to check in about your child’s special needs.


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