Name of Group: Open Table 

Leader(s): Dan 

Meeting Day: Tuesdays, weekly

Meeting Time: 7:30pm

Location:  YEP

Description: Fellowship with food and friends! 

Openings for New Members: Yes.

Name of Group: Lazarus at the Gate

Leader(s): Stephen and Sarah Fleischer-Ihn

Meeting Day: Wednesdays, weekly

Meeting Time: 6:30pm

Location:  Fleischer-Ihn's Home

Description: Fellowship with food, friends and family. 

Openings for New Members: Yes

Name of Group: Holy Ground 

Leader(s): Katye Thomas

Meeting Day: Thursdays, weekly

Meeting Time: 6:30pm

Location:  Meets in various houses in the the neighborhood

Openings for New Members: Yes. Please join!

Name of Group: Life Together

Leader(s): Lisa Y.

Meeting Day: Fridays, weekly (but usually off First Fridays of the month)

Meeting Time: 7:00pm dinner ,  7:30-9pm Bible Study

Location:  Lisa & Russel Yee's Home, Glenview Oakland

Description: After sharing a meal together, we usually discuss a book we are reading.

Openings for New Members: Yes – Please join us! Let Lisa know by Wednesday if you are coming to make sure there is food enough for all.

Name of Group: Kairos

Leader(s): Josh and Marjie 

Meeting Day: Sundays, weekly

Meeting Time: 12pm (after church clean-up)

Location:  The Harper's Home, a few blocks from YEP

Description: Fellowship with food and families! 

Openings for New Members: Yes.

Name of Group: Beloved Community (Bi-lingual English/Spanish)

Leader(s): Albert and Shauna

Meeting Day: Sundays, weekly 

Meeting Time: 12pm-1:30pm (after church clean-up)

Location:  The Back Patio of YEP 

Description: After a light family-friendly activity, we will share a meal and explore deepening our prayer lives through Scripture study, exploring various prayer forms, practicing prayer, and encouraging one another through accountability.

Openings for New Members: ALWAYS!! Both English and Spanish speakers are welcome as we try to translate as much as we can!