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Name of Group: Open Table 

Leader(s): Dan 

Meeting Day: Tuesdays, weekly

Meeting Time: 7:30pm

Location:  YEP

Description: Fellowship with food and friends! 

Openings for New Members: Yes

Name of Group: Lazarus at the Gate

Leader(s): Stephen and Sarah Fleischer-Ihn

Meeting Day: Tuesdays

Meeting Time: 9:15pm

Location:  Virtual

Description: Fellowship with food, friends and family. 

Openings for New Members: Yes

Name of Group: Holy Ground 

Leader(s): WayneBaileyVinod

Meeting Day: Thursdays, weekly

Meeting Time: 8:00pm

Location:  Virtual

Openings for New Members: Yes

Name of Group: Kairos

Leader(s): Josh

Meeting Day: Sundays, weekly

Meeting Time: 9:00 am

Location:  The Harper's Home, a few blocks from YEP

Description: Fellowship with food and families! 

Openings for New Members: Yes

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