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Of all the things we can focus on together, starting with rooting ourselves in God’s love seems most important. When all is said and done, the essential thing for us as believers is to be transformed into the image of God as God intended for us. This is not an abstract ideal.  Being transformed into God’s image means doing the hard work letting God’s love flow through us in all circumstances of life. This is only possible as we let God love transform us first, and this is a work of prayer. It means giving God time and space and cooperating with him as he does this transforming work inside us. As God transforms us in love, he also transforms our very identity. This does not mean that we lose the particular sense of who we are; God has given each of us unique identity that he affirms. It means that we grow into who we are becoming in a more complete sense.  We grow into our identity as God’s Children. 
It also means that God gives us the power to do those things he calls us to do. We are not left just to make things work on our own.  Instead, God’s Spirit works in us to accomplish those things that seem impossible to us. We see his kingdom come as he spreads his love through us. 

We welcome hearing your prayer requests. 

Prayer Request

We will continue to pray with you. Thank you! 

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