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We give because God gave first. We welcome you to give through New Hope to further the kingdom.



By volunteering to tutor children from the neighborhood or making a connection to our unhoused neighbors or attend worship every Sunday. Where, who, and what we give our time to often highlights our deepest values.


We each are a unique part of the body with individual talents to offer. Some have the gift of hospitality that allows them to stand at the doors welcoming people into our church and some have the gift of hospitality that allows them to cook for hours behind closed doors an amazing meal for our entire church body. We welcome you to give your talents the way God has designed you and to serve Him first as you grow. Connect with the pastoral team to lend your talents.


Lastly, your materials and financial generosity allow us as a body to further the kingdom in our neighborhood. Whether you can give a dollar or a regular tithe (ten percent of your monthly income), any offering is welcome.

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