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Meeting in more than just the traditional small groups, as a church community we desire to gather throughout the week to find unique ways to share life together.

New Hope Community Dinners

Every month, members of New Hope sign up to be a part of our "Community Dinner". Coordinated by Christine Velez and Wayne Hu, monthly each adult per household is invited to sign up on the Community Dinner calendar for a Sunday-Wednesday 6-7:30pm time-slot to host a dinner for all of those in attendance (groups range in size depending on the month.)

Community Dinners are counter-cultural - what we're doing is an experiment in community, hospitality, & simplicity. They are dual nature: the practical (save each other time & money) and the relational (spend time together). Community

Dinner means we can be a stronger, deeper community.  We'd see each other less frequently without the dinner rotation. We'd also spend more money on food and more time cooking.  Steward this precious institution well!

It is always good to have too much food than too little (have a extra open seat at the table for a neighbor, etc.), and if you are unable to make a meal, someone can always pack you a meal to go (please communicate to the host that this is the plan so people aren't waiting for you). Please bring your own plates and forks so the host has less clean up, and please 

Please contact Christine Velez for more information!

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