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CDC Guidelines: The guidance we are following comes from the Center for Disease Control, and our local government. State, County, and City guidance are all considered along with feedback from you, the congregation. Check back here for the latest updates and for answers to questions you need to know.


Vaccination Rates: According to our survey, 83% of the 36 people who responded had been vaccinated, and another 3% anticipated being vaccinated. This places us at a vaccination rate that is higher than the general public. We do not want to become vaccination police, so will work on the honor system in terms of vaccinations. 


Outdoor Gatherings: We are going to experiment with outdoor gatherings soon. Because there is still some question about meeting in person for church with some people who are unable to at this point, we are going to have after church or mid-week gathering so people will not miss our zoom meetings.


Group Size: We are going to intentionally host smaller meetings outdoors to keep them in better control.


Children and Youth: Updates coming soon.


Masks when gathering: At the time being, there is some discussion about whether or not the CDC moved too quickly on removing mask mandates. As a courtesy for those who need more protection, we are going to ask all that gather to wear masks so that people with health concerns are not made to feel awkward.


Meeting Space: At this point, we are planning on meeting outdoors for our initial gatherings. We will send updates as we have more info about both YEP and 23rd Ave.


New Hope Survey Results

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