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As New Hope intentionally serves and share life with our neighboring community, we also realize that we are not in this alone and that God has given the body many different members for different functions. Over time, New Hope has built partnerships with many organizations to strengthen and further it's impact.

Youth Employment Partnerships (Y.E.P.)​

The church's "Sacred Space" meeting on Sundays as well as it's church offices are located in the Y.E.P. space. New Hope intentionally decided to share space with Y.E.P. to make itself readily available to its neighbors without the baggage that many residents feel when stepping into a formal "church" space. Y.E.P. has been providing employment training to Oakland's youth and young adults since 1973. You can learn more about Y.E.P. here.

Harbor House

As a part of New Hope's history, it was volunteers of Harbor House that began collaborating with in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to organized “New Hope East Oakland Fellowship” in 1996. Harbor House is a multi-faceted Christian community development organization offering hope and transformation to thousands of under-resourced youth and families. You can learn more about Harbor House Ministries here.

Oakland Community Organizations (O.C.O.)

New Hope Community Church is a member of Oakland Community Organizations. As an organization collective, they seek to advocate and provide resources for Oakland residents in regards to excellent education, the ending of mass incarceration, ceasing gun violence, build economic dignity for the hard to employ, create pathways to citizenship, and access to healthcare. Since these issues are inline with New Hopes values, we often partner and support each other in events. You can learn more about Oakland Community Organizations here.

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